Company Overview

Pioneering Renewable Fuels

Byogy does not make ethanol or butanol, or other additives. Instead, Byogy takes these alcohols and makes them better by converting them into renewable biofuels.

Byogy Renewables, Inc. is the original inventor of a process called Alcohol TO Jet (ATJ) which is an innovative catalytic synthesis process technology which converts ANY source of ordinary bio ethanol, into full replacement renewable fuels consisting of naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel.


Distinctively to the renewable fuel industry, Byogy’s fuels are not blending products, but instead 100% direct substitute for their petroleum derived counterparts and can “drop-In” to the existing distribution system at any location with no changes to pipes, motors, jet engines or airframes. Byogy’s fuels are full replacement fuels and do not require any blending to achieve adequate fuel properties.

Byogy’s bio-processing is taken right out of the petrochemical industry represented as a catalytic process with no synthetically modified organisms as most biofuel processes are reliant on.


The process can be scaled to virtually any size or volume and can be completely decoupled from central oil refining, hydro-processing, or ethanol production infrastructure.

Byogy’s process can “bolt-on to the massive existing global ethanol industry to produce significant volumes of advanced “drop in” biofuels.

Executive Management Team

  1. Kevin R. Weiss (Byogy Chief Executive Officer)
  2. Daniel L Rudnick (Byogy Executive Vice President & Co-Founder)
  3. Dr. Dennis Spriggs (Byogy Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder)
  4. Chuck E. Erickson (Byogy Director)
  5. Mr. Scott Marshall (Byogy Director)
  6. Georges J. Antoun (Byogy Director – Chairman)
  7. Kevin A. DeNuccio (Strategic Advisor To The Byogy Board of Directors; Previous Chairman of The Board)
  8. Simon Williams (Strategic Advisor To The Byogy Board of Directors; Previous Chairman of The Board)
  9. Thomas William Casey, Jr. (Byogy Strategic Advisor to Management & Board of Directors & Board of Directors Observer; Distinctive Industry Expert)
  10. Mr. Fernando Correa (Byogy Executive Vice President – Latin America)
  11. Dr. Mahmoud El-Halwagi (Byogy Distinctive Technical Advisor – Lead Director for Development of Byogy Current Technology)
     Dr. Kenneth Hall (Byogy Original Technology Inventor – Distinctive Technical Advisor)

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