The technology challenge for the biofuels industry can be summed up simply as: Suitability, Scalability, Sustainability, and Simplicity.

Byogy has solved these challenges through fundamental Research and Development conducted in cooperation with Texas A&M University and through joint development and partnership with a leading GTL alternative fuel production company, Synfuels International.

Our products and processes are:

A key foundation to Byogy’s Intellectual Property is evident in the results of a 1.5-year Process Integration study conducted by experienced engineers at Texas A&M. This study allowed Byogy to understand the complete technological and economical opportunities and constraints of converting any biomass material into transportation fuels.

Byogy has converted this knowledge into practical biofuels solutions by avoiding the nonproductive dead ends that other biofuels companies are currently caught in and struggling to escape. Our technology base assures that our products and processes will remain the most cost effective over time since they meet the highest level of sustainability criteria. 


Our products and processes are:

  • Suitable for purpose and are drop-in substitutes for conventional petroleum-based jet fuel, and gasoline.
  • Scalable to accommodate the local supply of raw materials, however large or small – and remain competitive and cost effective at all process plant sizes. And, scalable in the sense of producing the vast quantities of transportation fuels demanded by the market – today and not in the distant future when technology barriers have been overcome, a problem that most suppliers are facing. 
  • Sustainable – both in terms of the long-term economic viability of Byogy’s processes and in terms of our ability to meet the most rigorous standards of sustainable development.
  • Simple and low cost – requiring low initial capital investment and having low ongoing cost of process operation.

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